Premium Woodgrain Decking

Our premium composite deck boards from Ecoscape are made of 55% reclaimed fibres and 45% recycled plastic, making them both long-lasting and environmentally sustainable.

Premium Woodgrain Decking

If black composite decking is what you are looking for, Midnight is the ideal option for you.
  • Scratch & Stain Resistant
  • Sleek & Stylish Appearance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 25-Year Warranty
Boards from £34.33 (excl. VAT)
Havana composite decking features a traditional chocolate brown colour and natural woodgrain finish.
  • Natural Colour & Finish
  • Low Maintenance
  • Splinter-Resistant
  • 25-Year Warranty
Boards from £34.33 (excl. VAT)
Spiced Oak
Ecoscape Spiced Oak is the closest available alternative that mimics real orange timber like cedars and redwoods.
  • Natural Colour & Finish
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable & Weatherproof
  • 25-Year Warranty
Boards from £34.33 (excl. VAT)
Our grey composite decking in the colour Argent features a beautiful blend of blue and grey tones.
  • Modern Appearance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Split Resistant
  • 25-Year Warranty
Boards from £34.33 (excl. VAT)
The grey composite decking range offers boards in the colour Flint, influenced by concrete and construction materials’ industrial tones.
  • Contemporary Colour
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Hidden Fixing System
  • 25-Year Warranty
Boards from £34.33 (excl. VAT)
Silver Birch
Silver Birch decking is the lightest available colour in the premium range.
  • Unique Colour
  • Scratch & Stain Resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • 25-Year Warranty
Boards from £34.33 (excl. VAT)

Premium Woodgrain Decking Features & Benefits

Our premium composite boards can improve your living beyond your expectations. The anti-slip and anti-splinter surface will ensure your safety, while the woodgrain detailing gives any domestic or commercial area a contemporary yet timeless finish. They will also provide you with the opportunity to increase the usable size of your outdoor space. Another main benefit of choosing our composite planks is that they have been known to increase the value of your home - having a functional & great-looking outdoor space will appeal to potential purchasers.

Premium composite decking is simple to install and only requires a minimal amount of trims and fixings.

  • Durability Supplied with a 25-year guarantee, premium decking boards are low-maintenance - no painting, staining, or sealing required!
  • Slip Resistance The anti-slip and non-splintering surface them ideal for any outdoor environment with children or pets.
  • UV Protection Premium composite decking is supplied with a stabiliser added to the resin that protects against long-term degeneration.
  • Quick Installation The concealed fastening mechanism makes installation quick and easy, allowing for a smart and seamless finish.

Premium Woodgrain Decking Technical Specification

Premium Woodgrain Decking Technical Specification

Our Ecoscape Composite decking boards are offered in two different lengths:  

  • 25mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 3000mm (L) 
  • 25mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 4800mm (L)  

Ecoscape Composite Decking also carries a Class E fire rating. 

Please note when ordering two different size lengths of decking we do have to make you aware there may be a batch difference in colour. We do advise to use one length however sometimes this does not work for the project - we will try our best to match this on when picking the order however there may be a slight difference between the batches.

You should be aware that our premium multipurpose decking boards should be stored in the area where they will be installed for at least 3 days before installation, so that the material can acclimatise.

Premium Woodgrain Decking Further Information

Composite deck boards are distinguishable from other boards due to the fact that each one is co-extruded and finished with a 1mm layer of scratch and stain resistant HDPE. The premium decking boards are unparalleled in their durability with a 25-year standard guarantee. 

The composite deck boards need minimal maintenance, requiring only a once-yearly cleaning with soapy water. They are also extremely robust, boasting waterproof benefits and UV stability.  

Our composite planks are available in six stunning colours: Midnight, Havana, Spiced Oak, Argent, Flint, and Silver Birch. They can also be supplied in two different lengths to suit any project: 3000mm and 4800mm. On request, we can provide all associated trims and fixings.

Is Ecoscape composite decking sustainable?

If you value sustainability, our composite decks are the way to go. The premium boards are constructed from over 95% recycled materials, making them an excellent option for people looking to make a difference.

Do I need to treat the composite decking boards?

Ecoscape composite decking is supplied with a durable 1mm HDPE coating, so there is no need to treat it at all – no painting, sealing, sanding, or staining needed!

Can I pressure wash composite decking?

We do not recommend pressure washing Ecoscape composite decking, as the pressure can etch into the plastic. Instead, we suggest washing the decking twice a year with soapy water.

Can I use normal woodworking tools on composite decking?

Yes, we recommend using standard woodworking tools for installing Ecoscape composite decking.

Premium Woodgrain Decking Installation & Maintenance

Use the grooves in the side of the first board to slide along the starter clip. Then install the T-clips and locking clip, before continuing to install the rest of the boards by sliding into the T-clip fixings.

Take a look at the full installation guide, safety guide & maintenance tips below! 

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Premium Woodgrain Decking Delivery & Returns

Ecoscape Delivery & Returns

Our general Delivery & Returns policy can be found here. Below you can consult specific details regarding the Delivery & Returns of Ecoscape products.


  • Slatted Cladding, Midnight & Silver Birch Panel Cladding: available with next day delivery depending on stock availability, subject to £15 + VAT delivery charge on orders under £1,000 ex VAT.
  • All other Ecoscape Composite Cladding, Fencing and Balustrades: 7-10 days lead time.
  • Any orders containing an Ecoscape product are subject to a manufacturers' delivery surcharge of £150 ex. VAT.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The delivery is a kerbside service - goods will be delivered to the kerb at the end of your driveway. Your delivery needs to be handballed off the vehicle - driver will open the protective wrap of an individual pallet and require assistance in offloading the goods off the vehicle by hand. Larger orders will require two able-bodied people on site to accept the delivery.