Composite Gates

Looking for a gate that blends the timeless charm of traditional wood with the durability and robustness of metal? Our selection of composite gates provides the ideal option for you!


Our gate offerings possess remarkable durability and are available in two well-known brands: Durapost and Ecoscape, perfectly suitable for various outdoor settings.

Both brands offer many advantages attributed to their exceptional quality and adaptability. Craft an inviting entryway to your garden with a shorter gate or establish secure access to your residence with a taller one.



The paramount aspect of any gate is the security it affords. Our selection of gates boasts robustness and stability owing to the utilisation of top-tier materials in their construction.


Through pressure treatment, our gates acquire impressive strength, enabling them to uphold their durability consistently over an extended span.

Minimal Upkeep

Our assortment of gates demands nearly effortless maintenance—a yearly treatment and cleaning prove sufficient to preserve their pristine condition.


Select from an extensive array of styles and colours to suit your outdoor space, spanning from traditional timber hues to contemporary dark tones—choices abound.


For your convenience, our composite gate collection arrives pre-assembled! These gates feature dual-sided designs, offering a choice between 38mm and 63mm battens. Available in three varying heights—1220mm, 1520mm, and 1820mm—the composite gates come with a 20-year warranty.

Crafted within the UK, our composite gate selection undergoes pressure treatment, resulting in exceptional sturdiness.


Our expansive gate range encompasses various colours, heights, and installation methods—both vertical and horizontal. Catering to diverse garden needs, our offerings achieve a harmonious blend of security and welcoming aesthetics.


Should garden gates open inward or outward?

Security remains paramount for gates. Our range's utilisation of high-quality materials ensures robustness and stability.

What's the proper method to clean a garden gate?

For cleaning, a sponge and mild detergent, such as dishwashing liquid, are preferable over a pressure washer.

How do I select an appropriate garden gate?

The selection process should begin with the consideration of the gate's material, aligning it with the best fit for your outdoor area.

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