Composite Panel Cladding

Our composite panel cladding is available in nine unique colours, allowing it to suit a wide range of properties. As opposed to the slatted option, composite panel cladding is a more conventional looking cladding system that emulates the appearance of traditional timber cladding. This is most evident with the likes of the spiced oak and havana finishes, however we also offer multiple options to suit more contemporary projects.


Our standard boards are supplied in 154mm (W) x 5m (L) lengths, which equates to around 1.25 boards per square metre, whereas our premium composite panel cladding boards are supplied in 142mm (W) x 3.6m (L) lengths, which offers coverage of approximately 2.1 boards per square metre.  

Our composite panel cladding is manufactured using both recycled high-density polyethylene and reclaimed wood fibres. 


Is composite cladding a good choice for my property? 

Boasting a longer lifespan, increased durability & sturdiness, lower maintenance requirement, and easier installation than traditional timber cladding, composite cladding is without a doubt a superior option for covering all types of external elevations! 

How long does composite panel cladding last? 

Composite panel cladding is supplied with a 20-year residential guarantee, and with the right maintenance it can last for decades. 

What tools do I need to install composite panel cladding? 

We recommend using saws & hand drills to cut & secure the panels. You should also have a tape measure, set square, string line, and spirit level to ensure your installation is as accurate as possible. 

What fixings do I need to install composite panel cladding? 

We recommend using aluminium screws to attach the starter bar to the joists, cladding clips and woodscrews for installing the cladding boards, and plastic pads as buffers between the fixings and the substrate. 

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