Standard Composite Decking

Our standard composite decking boards and trims are both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, making them a highly affordable option within the composite decking market.  

Composite decking is renowned for its safety features. It is insect-resistant, resistant to deformation, and boasts excellent fire prevention performance, making it a suitable choice for a variety of environments.  

Standard decking requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent cleaning or painting thanks to its remarkable longevity. It's not only long-lasting but also simple to install with just a few steps to follow and minimal fixings involved.  

These decking boards feature a unique dual-sided design. They mimic standard decking boards, while also offering wider grooves, providing you with versatile options to suit your outdoor space. 

What are the Advantages of WPC Decking?


The multipurpose boards and trims are extremely durable – they have an anti-corrosive surface and are waterproof. These features make the boards highly resistant to extreme weather and lifestyle damage.


The WPC decking boards are flame retardant, which means they prevent the start of, or slow the growth of fire. They are also insect-proof, which will discourage insects from landing or climbing on the surface of the panels.


As opposed to traditional wood decking, the multipurpose boards are extremely low maintenance as they do not chip, split, or rot. They also do not require any painting or staining, just an occasional cleaning with soapy water. Composite decking is also easy to install and involves a minimal amount of fixings.

What are the Lifestyle Benefits of Composite Decking?


If you are environmentally conscious, our multipurpose composite boards are the right choice for you. Our products are made of innovative green environmental protection landscaping material composed of polyethylene using a specific type of plastic and cellulose treatment.


Standard composite decking can improve the quality of your life, exceeding all of your expectations due to all the benefits it has to offer. Not only will your outdoor space look modern and trendy, but the flame retardant and anti-split surface will keep everyone safe. Furthermore, the addition of WPC decking boards provides the opportunity for increased use of outdoor space, an attractive addition to any property.

PLEASE NOTE - With our standard decking natural lightening of the colour may occur over time after exposure to sunlight.

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