Composite Slatted Cladding

Composite slatted cladding is a unique and versatile option for exterior cladding that can transform any property type. With the ability to be installed horizontally or vertically and with ten colour options available, we’re sure that you will find a configuration that is suited to your project! Slatted cladding can also be used as a facade, screen, or fence. Learn more about how to install it for these applications in our installation guide.

What is Composite Cladding Made Of?

Our composite slatted cladding combines natural aesthetics with the benefits of PVC, alongside distinctive advantages. Crafted by renowned UK manufacturers, our slatted composite cladding is ingeniously engineered from a blend of recycled high-density polyethylene and reclaimed wood fibers. This innovative composition ensures a resilient, enduring, and visually appealing cladding system.

A Composite Slatted Cladding Midnight Installation

The Benefits of Slatted Composite Cladding

  • Resistant to warping and distorting
  • Low maintenance
  • Does not rot or stain
  • Simple to install
  • Utilises a hidden fixing system
  • Available in 3 unique colours

Styles Of Composite Slatted Cladding

Our slatted composite cladding is available in ten unique colours. Each of these colours provided a completely unique aesthetic. They are also each designed to suit various property styles and existing colour schemes.

  • Midnight is the darkest option in our slatted cladding range. It provides a blackwood aesthetic that fits perfectly with many contemporary properties.
  • Silver Birch is a light option that fits many modern homes and commercial buildings. This is in part due to the current trend of all things grey, but also as it is a more neutral tone.
  • Spiced Oak is one of our most popular composite slatted cladding colours. The design imitates the appearance of oiled red cedar.
  • Natural Oak bears the appearance and warm tones of real oak wood, allowing it to suit many property styles.
  • Argent with its cool, contemporary charcoal grey tones, offers a sleek and modern aesthetic to any exterior.
  • Light Oak evokes the timeless appeal of oak, offering a warm, light-toned aesthetic for modern and classic exteriors.
  • Grey composite slatted cladding offers a touch of modern sophistication to any project.
  • Charcoal composite slatted cladding offers the modern appeal of dark tones with the low-maintenance benefits of composite materials.
  • Teak composite slatted cladding captures the rich warmth of natural teak with the enduring qualities of composite materials.
  • Natural composite slatted cladding brings the timeless elegance of light wood tones to your exterior with the added benefits of composite materials.

Installing Slatted Cladding

Slatted composite cladding boasts a swift installation with a user-friendly tongue and groove system. The boards' versatile design suits both horizontal and vertical placement, adapting flawlessly to diverse property types and architectural designs. Concealed fixings help achieve a seamless appearance, improving the elegance of the cladding.

Low Maintenance

Owners of slatted composite cladding will experience reduced maintenance demands as composite cladding boards remain immune to fading and staining. With remarkable durability, it requires no painting, sealing, or repairs. While not entirely maintenance-free, a simple cleansing routine using basic tools such as a brush, broom, and mild soapy water will keep your composite cladding in pristine condition.

Composite Slatted Cladding's Strength and Longevity

Ecoscape's composite slatted cladding boards and trims are backed by an impressive 25-year guarantee. They are able to survive throughout all weather conditions. Resisting warping, rotting, splintering, and staining, they stand the test of time without the need for constant painting. This helps to provide a year-round aesthetic appeal that lasts for decades!

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